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Shareholders’ General Meeting

It is the organization’s maximum deliberative body, and is convened by decision of the Board of Directors or, subject to legal conditions, by the Board of Officers, Fiscal Council, group of shareholders or by one shareholder individually (Bylaws, article 9 th ).

In addition to the duties provided for by law, the General Meeting is responsible for deciding on the sale, in whole or in part, of shares of the Bank’s or its subsidiaries’ capital stock, initial public offering and increase of capital stock through subscription of new shares, as well as the transformation, merger, takeover, spin-off, dissolution and liquidation of the company (Bylaws, article 10).

It is also up to the General Meeting to approve the adoption of differentiated practices of corporate governance and the execution of an agreement for this purpose, such as the adhesion to Novo Mercado (Bylaws, article 10)

In line with good corporate governance practices, Banco do Brasil makes available on the Internet, at its Investor Relations page, the information related to matters subject to the General Meeting’s agenda, and send copies of these documents to the stock exchange in which its shares are mostly traded (Bylaws, article 49).

The General Shareholders’ Meeting is an important moment of accountability and transparency, representing a valuable opportunity for the members to contribute to the organization, presenting ideas and opinions. It is also the moment when major decisions are made at the Bank.

Updated 12/20/2018 at 02:26 pm