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Accountability Reports – CGU

Updated 06/14/2021 at 04:34 pm

Banco do Brasil must report annually to control bodies, showing the performance of its management and the proper use of public resources in accordance with the standards to which it is subordinate.

The Ministry of Acting Transparency, through the Federal Secretariat for Internal Control, has the task of auditing the provision of annual accounts, to verify the information provided by federal administrators and analyze the actions and events management, with a view to instruct the process of accountability to be put on trial by the Court of Audit.

Aiming to achieve transparency and in compliance with the provisions set forth in Article 20-B of the Decree 3.591/2000 and Ordinance No. 262 of the CGU (Controladoria Geral da União) of August 30th, 2005, available at the link below the Audit Report, Audit Certificate and Opinion of the Head of Internal Control, integral parts of the process of Accountability of Banco do Brasil S.A. and its subsidiaries.

Access the Accountability Reports CGU (only in Portuguese):