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Where can I get the Share Income Report?

Annually, the BB sends to its shareholders the Share Income Report for declaration of the Income Tax by mail.

Attention: Failure to receive the report may have been caused by some cadastral inconsistency. Look for a BB’s agency with ID and proof of residence to update your address.



BB’s website (

The document can be obtained in BB’s website at the option “Conta Corrente”  >> “Informe Imposto de Renda – Rendimentos de ações”.


About us

The document can be printed at any BB”s branch, upon presentation of identification documents.


Non-account holders

BB”s branch

The document can be printed at any BB’s branch, upon presentation of identification documents.

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My company owned BB’s shares, but the “CNPJ” registration was ended. How to proceed?

The legal representative of the company must present the social or similar distort, which informs who will represent assets or liabilities of the company after its closure. With this document, the document proving the closure of the “CNPJ” registration and the legal representative documents, you must attend in a BB’s branch to transfer the shares and remuneration to the beneficiary.

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How to proceed in case of a deceased shareholder?

The heirs must be registered in BB, if they are not already, as well as the representative of the estate.

The deceased shareholder must have his/her basic data updated (ID, CPF and proof of residence) at BB and his/her CPF must be regular in the “Receita Federal” (Instruction 864 dated July 25, 2008 of the “Receita Federal do Brasil”).

The death certificate and the document of transfer / sale of shares must also be presented: Judicial permit, formal sharing and / or public deed of sharing.

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How can I update my registration?

If the shares are in a BB’s Depositary Institution, it is necessary that, whenever there is a change of address, to provide an updated proof of residence. This is essential to receive mandatory correspondences (trade statements, reports of income tax, etc …). ID, CPF and proof of recent income are also required.

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I bought BB’s shares and I have never traded them. Checking my shares balance I verified a different quantity than when I acquired. What is the reason for that?

The shares undergo corporate events such as: groupings, splits, bonus, among others. These events modify the quantity, without however changing the shareholder’s capital. In case of doubts the shareholder can request a stock evolution in any BB’s branch.

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How to check my balance of shares, dividends receivable / received or income tax statement?

There are two distinct situations:

If the shareholder holds the shares through a BB’s Depositary Institution and he is a BB account holder: Access the current account by internet – click in “Conta-corrente – Informe Imposto de Renda – Rendimentos de Ações”;

If the shareholder holds the shares through a BB’s Depositary Institution and he is NOT a BB account holder, the balance of shares, dividends receivable / received or income tax statement can be obtained in any Banco do Brasil’s branch upon presentation of the following documents: ID, CPF, proof of residence and recent income – according to CVM Instruction 301 dated April 16, 1999.

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How can I know the value of BB’s shares?

To know the quotation of BB’s shares, you can access BB’s website ( “Compra e Venda de Ações” (only in Portuguese), on any brokerage website or on BM&FBOVESPA’a website (

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I have BB’s cautions/shares certificates. How do I know their value and how to convert them into registered book-entry shares?

If they are NOMINATIVE (preferential or voting) shares, they have already been converted and the certificates have no more value.

If they are BEARER shares, the owner must attend a BB’s branch, with personal documents (ID, CPF, proof of residence and recent income – according to CVM Instruction 301 dated April 16, 1999) and the original caution for convert them into the nominative type. After the conversion process, which lasts an average of 60 days, the shareholder can verify its balance. It is the right of the shareholder to receive the last 3 years of remuneration that will be at the disposal of the shareholder to collect them.

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How can I transfer shares from a BB’s Depositary Institution to a broker?

The shareholder must obtain an updated statement of the share position in any of BB’s branches and sent it to a brokerage house that will take the necessary procedures for the transfer.

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How do I know the stock position of a deceased shareholder relative?

The heir or legal representative must attend a BB’s branch with his/her personal documents (ID, CPF, proof of residence and recent income – according to CVM 301 of April 16, 1999), in addition to the document that qualifies him/her as representative of the estate (court order, public deed of sharing, formal sharing or similar) and documents of the deceased shareholder (ID, CPF, proof of residence and death certificate).

We remind that for reasons of banking secrecy this information cannot be provided by email or telephone.

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What is the frequency of shareholder remuneration payment?


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What can i do to receive BB’s dividends and IOC?

Account holders with shares in the BB’s Depositary Institution may opt for credit in current account or savings account. To do this, you must apply directly to a Banco do Brasil’s branch.

Non-account holders may receive directly at the any BB’s branch cashier, presenting their identification documents.

BB, due to strategic reasons, does not pay dividends and/or IOC through other banks.

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