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Corporate Governance: Codes, Indexes and Compliance

Updated 11/06/2023 at 03:05 pm

Corporate Governance is the system by which companies are directed, monitored and encouraged. It is an organization management concept that addresses matters related to the power of control and management of a company, as well as the ways and spheres of its practice, and to the sundry interests of an entrepreneurial nature, involving relationships between stockholders, Board of Directors, Executive Board, Auditors and Fiscal Council.

Banco do Brasil is among the largest financial institutions in Latin America, being a benchmark in confidence and solidity, and occupying a prominent position in its business segments. We are one of the main agents of the country’s economic and social development, and as such, we take into account the significant role that we play in the financial system and the economy as a whole.

We commit ourselves to the transparency and fairness of our actions, making available to the market all the information we consider important to generate value for the organization and for our stakeholders, in an objective, clear, reliable and timely manner, thus conferring equal rights for our shareholders. We also consider all information subject to disclosure, except those of restricted nature, which might put at risk the activity, strategy, and institutional image, or that might be protected by law.

We account for our actions in a clear, concise, understandable and timely manner, taking full responsibility for the consequences of our acts and omissions while acting diligently and responsibly within our roles. Thus, we seek to ensure the economic viability of the organization, reducing the risks associated to the Bank’s operations, while considering, for our business model, the several types of capital (Financial, Human, Intellectual, Manufactured, Natural, Social and Relationship).

The excellence of our governance practices is verified by BB’s adhesion to Novo Mercado from B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão (since 2006), a segment that gathers companies with a high standard of corporate governance.

By adopting best practices of corporate governance, Banco do Brasil demonstrates that its management is committed to the basic principles of Transparency, Accountability, Equity and Social and Environmental Responsibility, supported by the use of monitoring tools that align management behavior with the interests of shareholders, customers and society.

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