Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is an independent supervisory body of the directors for reporting to the shareholders, installed by decision of the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting, whose purpose is to preserve the value of the organization.

It is composed of five effective members and their respective alternates, elected by the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Rafael Cavalcanti de Araújo Chairman Member indicated by the Minister of Economy
Incumbent Member of the Supervisory Board. He is Federal Auditor of Finance and Control of the National Treasury Secretariat, where he is currently the Deputy Secretary. Previously, he held the following positions in the Public Administration: Deputy Head of Fiscal Policy Department, Head of Fiscal Policy Department and Chief of Staff at Economic Policy Secretariat, Undersecretary of Fiscal Governance and Lottery Regulation at Secretariat for Fiscal Affairs, Energy and Lottery Monitoring, and Head of Fiscal and Economic Studies at National Treasury Secretary. He was a member of the Supervisory Board of Caixa Seguradora. He has a degree in Economics from UFPE (Federal University of Pernambuco), Business Administration from UPE (State University of Pernambuco), Business Economics from Middlesex University of London, and a Master in Economics from UNB (University of Brasília).
Aloisio Macário Ferreira de Souza Incumbent Member elected by minority shareholders
Incumbent member of the Banco do Brasil Supervisory Board, elected by minority shareholders, since April 2019. He was Vice President of Human Resources and Information Technology at Usiminas, Coordinator of the IBGC – Rio de Janeiro Chapter, Manager of Corporate Governance and Minority Holdings of Previ,  Manager of BB-DTVM Asset Analysis and Valuation Division, Advisor in the International Area of Banco do Brasil,  Board of Directors Member at Usiminas and CPFL Energia, Member of the Supervisory Board at Eternit, Eletrobras, Celesc and Ambev. Currently he is Member of the Supervisory Board at Usiminas and Member of the Statutory Audit Committee of Celesc. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting Sciences, with MBA in Business and Investment Banking Management from the Corporate University of Citibank – USA, MBA in Business Valuation by Funcefet and a MBA in Pension and Retirement Plans for Complementary Social Security – Coppead / UFRJ.  Mr. Souza is certified by IBGC – Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance to serve as member at Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards.
Carlos Alberto Rechelo Neto Incumbent Member elected by minority shareholders
Incumbent member of the Banco do Brasil Supervisory Board, elected by minority shareholders. He joined Petrobras in 2007, starting his career in the risk management of Oil & Energy assets and businesses. As head of risk for three years, he led the corporate risk management structuring process at Petrobras S.A and coordinated, as head of the Governance team, the corporate efforts to adjust internal policies and procedures in accordance with Federal Law 13,303/2016, which enabled Petrobras to obtain the highest score in the Governance Highlight certification process of the B3. He was chairman of the Fiscal Council at Braskem, Executive Officer at Petrobras Europe Limited (Petrobras’ trading company in London) and board member at POG BV (Exploration and Production oil company in Rotterdam). Currently he is the Chief Financial Officer at Transportadora Brasileira Gasoduto Bolívia Brasil S.A. Mr. Rechelo holds a B.Sc. in Engineering, completed a non-degree program in Portfolio Management from Wharton, and received a master’s degree in Energy from the University of São Paulo and MBA in Finance from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a FRM certification from GARP.
Lena Oliveria de Carvalho Alternate Member indicated by the Minister of Economy
Alternate Member of the Supervisory Board.Alternate. Ms. Carvalho holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Brasilia – UnB. Ms. Carvalho joined the Brazilian National Treasury in 2001, having held the position of Manager of Investors Relation and Manager of Research and Development at the General Public Debt Strategic Planning Department, where she is currently the Coordinator. She participated in the Supervisory Boards of FINEP, Banco Popular. She is member of the Supervisory Board of the BBCor.
Lucas Pedreira do Couto Ferraz Incumbent Member indicated by the Minister of Economy
Member of the Supervisory Board. Graduation and Master in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, and PhD in Economics from the Graduate School of Economics (EPGE) of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation. He attended the Alpha Doctoral Program of the European Community, with experience at the University of Antwerp, University of Leuven, University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Free University of Brussels and University of Amsterdam. He is currently a professor on the permanent staff of the School of Economics of São Paulo (EESP-FGV), coordinator of the Modeling Center of CCGI-FGV, coordinator of the Chair of Brazil at the World Trade Organization and a founding member of BRICS-TERN (International Network research on BRICS economies). He has experience in the area of Economics, with an emphasis on Large Scale General Equilibrium Models, International Trade, Industrial Organization and infrastructure. He was a senior consultant in international trade for the World Bank and UNCTAD.
Samuel Yoshiaki Oliveira Kinoshita Incumbent Member indicated by the Minister of Economy
Incmbent Member of the Supervisory Board. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics, a Master’s degree in economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a Master’s degree in statistics from Columbia University. He was a partner and chief economist at Bozano Investimentos, an investment manager at Kapitalo Investimentos. Currently special advisor to the Ministry of Economy.
Sueli Berselli Marinho Alternate Member elected by minority shareholders
Alternate member of the Supervisory Board, elected by minority shareholders. graduated in Mathematics (Mackenzie University). Extension in Economics and Industrial Policy – Professional Improvement (UFRJ) and Corporate Governance at IBGC. Employee of Banco do Brasil for 23 years, retired as General Manager of branches, assumed the Directorate of Economic Development of the State of São Paulo (1995-1998). She worked in the development, coordination and management of new projects and the process of installing companies; author of several articles on corporate governance, published in magazines, newspapers and blogs. Certified Counselor by IBGC – Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (2010 to date) for the Board of Directors and Fiscal Council; he participated as a member of the boards of the following companies: PREVI’s Deliberative Council – Pension Fund of Banco do Brasil, Board of Directors of Bandeirante Energia, CPFL Energia, Serra da Mesa, Celesc, Hospital Santa Marina, FG2 Participações S.A .; Vice-President of the Fiscal Council of CPFL-Piratininga e Aldeias Infantis (international NGO); and Fiscal Council of Odontoprev S.A (2014/2018).
Served as a member of the Board of Evaluators of the Certification Process for Board of Directors and Fiscal Council of IBGC – 2018/2019.
In 2020 participated in the IBGC Course “Corporate Governance in Times of Change”, from PUC-RS “Professional, Emotional and Technological Competences for Times of Change, virtual lectures on updating scenarios, risks, changing consumer behavior, LGPD, and moderated a webinar with the theme “Solar Energy: Economic Development and Sustainability”.
In the performance of the various boards, practiced her knowledge in analysis of financial statements, risks, compliance, corporate governance, internal and external auditing, Audit Committee, technological process contracts, monitoring of legal and tax processes, monitoring of the performance of executives, negotiations with regulatory bodies, relationship with shareholders, development of the Sustainability area.
Currently member of the Fiscal Council (alternate) of Vale S.A. (03/2020 to 03/2021) and Natural Consultative Adviser of Immunity Serviços e Soluções em Saúde – technological platform specialized in health: Dec / 2017 to the present date.
Member of the ACI – Audit Committee Institute since 2005, Member of the Group of Excellence in Corporate Governance Studies for the CRA Regional – São Paulo Board of Directors (2005 to date) and Member of the Excellence Group for Studies in Energy Business GENE CRA (2019 to date).
Informs that does not have any criminal conviction against him, in an administrative proceeding of the CVM, or a final and unappealable sentence, in the judicial or administrative sphere, which has suspended or disqualified him from practicing any professional or commercial activity.
Thiago Brasil Rocha Alternate Member elected by minority shareholders
Alternate member of the Supervisory Board elected by minority shareholders. Graduated in business administration from Universidade Makenzie, postgraduate in economics from Universidade de São Paulo, master in business administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas and Executive MBA from Oxford University – St. Catherine’s College. He was an executive in the financial and investor relations area at Suzano Papel e Celulose and Suzano Petroquímica (200-2004), Kimberly Clark Corporation in Brazil and Headquarter Global in the Unite States (2004-2012), and Klabin SA (2012-2018). He was a member of the Board od Directors of Gotchosen Inc – Orlando (2019), he is the founder of Build from Scratch, a company focused on the growth of new technologies – scale up and sustainable finance. He is a partner of the Greentech Latin America event with the Green Innovation Group (Denmark), and head of Alumni of Said Business School – Oxford University in UK.
Vacant Alternate Member
Vacant Alternate Member

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