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Social and Environmental Responsibility

Banco do Brasil has transparency, ethics, socioenvironmental responsibility and commitment to the sustainable development as guiding principles of administrative and business practices, and of the relationship with stakeholders (General Policy of Institutional Scope).

In order to internalize the culture of economic, social and environmental sustainability in the administrative and business practices of the Conglomerate, Banco do Brasil created the Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy, which guides the Bank’s behavior in relation to the subject. Its principles are also embedded in specific policies.

Banco do Brasil, based on the principles of relevance, proportionality and efficiency, also commits itself to make efforts in order to cooperate with the subsidiaries, affiliates and simple participations, helping them to define their directions based on the guidelines of the Social and Environmental

Responsibility Policy of the Bank, yet considering the specific needs and the respective legal and regulatory aspects. The Sustainability Plan – Agenda 30 BB materializes Banco do Brasil’s sustainability strategy and is an instrument to improve business and processes, aligning them with the best global practices, contributing to the dissemination of the theme in the organization and to the generation of results increasingly sustainable.

Banco do Brasil is also guided by public voluntarily assumed commitments to sector entities and development agencies for the social and environmental responsibility movement at national and international level. For further information on the pacts and agreements assumed by BB, go to:

In line with the socioenvironmental responsibility principles contained in its policies and upon its public commitments, Banco do Brasil takes into account, in its finances and investments, the practices disclosed in its sustainability guidelines for agribusiness credit, agriculture irrigation, electricity, construction, mining, cellulose and paper, transportation, oil and gas.

In addition, Banco do Brasil prepared socioenvironmental guidelines for Controversial Issues, whose purpose is to make public the Bank’s position on controversial issues that, due to this particularity, have gained notoriety within the society. The “Socioenvironmental Guidelines for Controversial Issues” have adherence to international good practices and reinforce compliance with the public commitments assumed by BB in line with the principles of socioenvironmental responsibility contained in its policies.

Additional information on Banco do Brasil’s corporate governance are available on the Internet, at the Investor Relations page (

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