How is BESC positioned in the Brazilian banking market?

The BESC System is one of the 40 largest banks in the country and consists of two operations:

– BESC is a retail commercial bank with state operations and shareholders’ equity of R $ 176 million;

– BESCRI operates in real estate credit and has shareholders’ equity of R $ 215 million;

– both operate in a very discreet manner in the market, BESCRI has not granted new loans for years, generating fairly conservative asset and liability operations, a profile with low leverage, limited product / service structure and the need for investments for its modernization;

– in contrast, the BESC System has the largest branch network in the state of SC, 25% higher than BB’s (second place) and 110% higher than Brasdeco’s (third-place) network, a significant portion of payroll-deductible loans in Santa Catarina is a very strong brand;

– this combination of high retail penetration (brand and capillarity) and great idleness (capital and operational), in concomitance with the consequences of a bank that joined PROES about a decade ago, make the historical results of the BESC System a little buyer accurate for your prospects.

Updated 12/27/2018 at 03:50 pm