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Governance Index – SEST

The Governance Indicator IG-SEST is an ongoing monitoring instrument developed by the Coordinating Department of Governance for State-Owned Companies, the Ministry of Economy, aimed at assessing compliance with Law 13.303/2016, regulated by Decree 8.945/2016, and guidelines established in Resolutions issued by the Inter-ministerial Commission for Corporate Governance and Management of State Shares (Comissão Interministerial de Governança Corporativa e de Administração de Participações Societárias da União – CGPAR), which seeks to implement the best market practices and the highest standards of corporate governance practices in state-owned companies.

During the first and second assessment cycles, which were released in November 2017 and May 2018, SEST, acting in the coordination and governance efforts of state-owned companies through IG-SEST, strived to promote and support initiatives of federal state-owned companies aimed at proactively complying with legal requirements.
While the first two cycles assessed the compliance of state-owned companies with Law 13.303/2016 and Decree 8.945/2016, the third and fourth cycles gave priority to assessing the effectiveness of the governance structure implemented in state-owned companies based on the guidelines and requirements established by these regulations, CGPAR Resolutions and the best corporate governance practices adopted by the market.

Governance Index – SEST*

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