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Corporate Ethics in the Management

The standards and principles of the Banco do Brasil are contained in the current legislation, in the customs, BB Policies, in the Corporate Governance Code, the internal regulations and especially in the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Conduct.

Institutionally, the ethics and discipline management is centered on the Human Resources Directorship (Dipes), through two divisions, Ethics and Disciplinary Control Division (Dedip) and Internal Ombudsman’s Office.

The Ethics and Disciplinary Control Division (Dedip) proposes policies and rules for matters associated with ethics, promotes a culture of ethics, coordinates activities to disseminate rules of conduct in the Company, and articulates preventive and educational activities.

The Internal Ombudsman’s Office is a communication channel for employees, trainees, apprentices and workers of contractors, whereby BB seeks to resolve conflicts through dialogue and mediation. The Ombudsman’s Office welcomes compliments, suggestions, complaints and reporting (whether anonymous or identified).

Banco do Brasil corporate ethics management also includes other organizational structures such as: Regional People Management Offices (Gepes), State Ethics Committees, Ethics Executive Committee, Regional Disciplinary Committees and Executive Disciplinary Committee.

Updated 12/28/2018 at 03:17 pm