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Can the current shareholders of BESC / BESCRI who do not wish to receive shares of BB can receive the value of their shares in R $? If they can, what will be the ratio R $ / BESC-BESCRI Shares?

The minority shareholders of BESC and BESCRI who do not agree to the mergers may exercise the so-called right of withdrawal. The shareholders exercising the right of withdrawal will be offered two alternatives of payment in kind for the shares of BESC and / or BESCRI in their possession. He shall receive an amount equivalent to the greater of the value of the shares and the economic value of the shares.

Each dissenting shareholder of BESC will receive R $ 2.4468 per share, and dissenting shareholders of BESCRI will receive R $ 0.0186 per share.

The shareholders’ right to withdraw shall be limited to the shares held by such shareholders until 11.09.2008, that is, they are registered in the records of the PARTIES to be merged at the end of 09.09.2008, and may not be exercised in relation to to shares acquired after said date, as provided in art. 137, paragraph 1, of Law 6404/76.

Updated 12/27/2018 at 03:51 pm