Because Banco do Brasil recommends approval of the management proposal for incorporation of the BESC System?

The merger of BESC and BESCRI is justified because, for Banco do Brasil SA:

a) enables a new growth path, as an alternative to the organic expansion model, in order to defend its competitive position;

b) consolidates BB’s leadership position in the relationship with the public sector, through the achievement of the status of financial agent of the State of Santa Catarina;

c) enables the capture of opportunities for growth and economic value through, through:

– expansion and profitability of the customer base, with BB’s business model and product portfolio;

– expansion of the service network, with the adoption of the BB model, considering the capillarity of the BESC network;

– improvement of cost efficiency and scale gains from BB’s operating model;

d) strengthens BB’s presence in Santa Catarina and in the south of the country, leveraging its leadership position and participating in the positive prospects for the continuity of the state’s economy;

e) preserves and broadens the public policies of development;

f) allows BB to subrogate itself in all the rights and obligations of BESC and BESCRI, including those that are exclusive to official financial institutions;

g) guarantees that the public attributions exercised by BESC and BESCRI will be assumed by BB, since it is an official bank, thus maintaining its role as a governmental action instrument.

Updated 12/27/2018 at 03:49 pm