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10.29.2009 – Nossa Caixa’s Incorporation
12.22.2008 – Signature of the Shares buy-sell agreement – Nossa Caixa
11.20.2008 – Nossa Caixa’s Acquisition
05.21.2008 – Nossa Caixa Incorporation Study

Information to the Market

07.21.2009 – Call Notice of Nossa Caixa’s Public Offering
03.16.2009 – BNC – Stake Control Transfer
03.11.2009 – BNC – Approval by Bacen
01.22.2009 – Tender Offer of Shares of Banco Nossa Caixa
11.12.2008 – Valor Econômico news


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Fator – Economic Value
KPMG – Nossa Caixa’s Appraisal
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Merrill Lynch – Economic Value
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Rule 12g3-2(b) Exemption # 82-35186




According to the article 256 of the Law 6,404/1976, from 12.15.1976, I present to the approval of this Assembly the following subjects:

a) the proposal of acquisition, by Banco do Brasil S.A., of the stake of 76,262,912 ordinary shares of Banco Nossa Caixa S.A., corresponding to 71.25% of both social and voting capital in the same proportion; and

b) the ratify of the binding memorandum of understanding, accompanied by the appraisal report, of Banco Nossa Caixa S.A.

The transaction of acquisition of Nossa Caixa is justified by:

a) represent an opportunity of increase the presence of Banco do Brasil in São Paulo due to the force of Banco Nossa Caixa in that state;

b) complement the growth strategy and value creation of Banco do Brasil;

c) allow Banco do Brasil the potencial capture of synergies, mainly by the following sources:

I. loan portfolio expansion;

II. increase of services;

III. improvement in credit quality;

IV. expenses optimization; and

V. efficiency gains.

d) create value to the shareholders.

To your appreciation,

December 5th, 2008.


Antonio Francisco de Lima Neto

Board of Directors Vice-president


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