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Sustainability strategy

Corporate Governance and Management in Socio-environmental Responsibility

Governance and sustainability management has been practiced by Banco do Brasil for more than a decade and has been improved over time. The Code of Ethics and the Sustainability Plan Agenda 30 BB are examples of this evolution, as well as the various voluntary public pacts and commitments of which BB is a signatory.

Management Structure

Socio-environmental responsibility is a corporate policy that proposes to incorporate the principles of sustainable development into the planning of its activities, business and administrative practices, involving its relationship audiences.

Based on this premise, the evaluation of organizational performance goes beyond economic indicators, which considers, in an integrated manner social dimensions ​​- such as the defense of human and labor rights, the welfare of employees, the promotion of diversity, respect for differences, social inclusion and direct investments in the community – and environmental preservation – such as those that consider the direct and indirect impacts of our activities on air, water, land and biodiversity.

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Sustainability Plan – Agenda 30 BB

The Sustainability Plan, entitled Agenda 30 BB, is the instrument through which the Bank improves its business and processes, aligning itself with the best international practices and contributing to the socio-environmental responsibility permeating the entire Conglomerate, seeking for the generation of sustainable results.

The Sustainability Plan is reviewed every two years to be kept update through a systematic process involving all strategic areas of the Bank and representatives of its main stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders / investors, civil society and sustainability experts, competitors, regulators, press / media and government).

In alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) launched by the United Nations (UN), Agenda 30 BB includes several actions established for a three-year period and is distributed among the five pillars: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership.

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