Risk and Capital Committee

It was created with the purpose of advising the Board of Directors on exercising its functions associated to risk and capital management, in a unified way, for all the institutions that are part of the Prudential Conglomerate of Banco do Brasil.

It is formed by four effective members, elected and dismissed by the Board of Directors, in compliance with the minimum conditions of eligibility and the prohibitions for the exercise of the function set forth in the Bank’s appointment and Succession Policy and in the applicable rules, as well as in the Bylaws (Bylaws, article 35, §1 st).

In Banco do Brasil, the constitution of advisory committees to the Board of Directors aims to achieve an adequate combination of skills and experiences that provide a broad understanding and an objective assessment that brings ideas and solutions to the Bank’s most important management issues.

Updated 12/20/2018 at 02:31 pm