Banco do Brasil S.A., a private and government-controlled listed company which explores economic activity pursuant to Art. 173 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution, organized as a multiple bank, is subjected to the legal regime typical to private corporations, including as regards civil, commercial, labor and tax rights and obligations. It is governed by these bylaws, by Laws 4,595/64, 6,404/76, 13,303/16 and the respective ruling Decree and other applicable rules. (Bylaws, article 1 st ).

We have the Federal Government as our controlling shareholder. The Bank’s ownership structure, including the participation of the stockholders holding more than 5% of the capital stock, is available on the Bank’s Reference Form, Control and Economic Group section, available on our website, at the Investor Relations page.

The capital stock of Banco do Brasil is composed exclusively of common shares, whereas each share entitles its holder to one vote at the General Meeting deliberations (Bylaws, article 7 th). Therefore, we reinforce the adoption of the Equity principle, granting fair and equal rights to all members.

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