Bylaws, Policies and Code of Ethics

Estatuto Políticas e Códigos

Code of Ethics

Banco do Brasil’s Code of Ethics presents the commitments and guidelines of the Company in its relationship to the public.

The Standards of Conduct present duties and expected behaviors in the work environment, facilitating the implementation of the commitments assumed in the Code of Ethics.

The documents are reviewed every three years, or extraordinarily, at any time.


Code of Ethics – Portuguese
Code of Ethics – English
Code of Ethics – Spanish
Code of Ethics – German
Code of Ethics – Japanese
Code of Ethics – Mandarin
Code of Ethics – Audio (Portuguese Only)
Standards of Conduct – Audio (Portuguese Only)
Doubts, Complaints and/or  Noncompliance of Standards- Audio (Portuguese Only)


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Agreement which, added to the legislation, governs and establishes the way the Bank operates, including the powers and responsibilities of each governance agent.

It contributes to the transparency of BB’s governance system and to build trust in relations with all its stakeholders.


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Compliance Programm

Banco do Brasil’s Compliance Program, approved by the Board of Directors, is composed by nine guidelines, integrated and complementary, based on international principles and standards. The Program relies on pillars that aim to prevent, detect and correct inappropriate practices in the institution’s operational and business activities.

The culture of internal controls and compliance, ethical principles and good practices of corporate governance are the basis for sustaining these pillars. The program’s objectives are efficiency and value generation, resulting from actions such as: reducing costs on sanctions, minimizing risks for managers, safeguarding the company’s image and reputation, and improving organizational processes.


Compliance Program

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Prevention and Combat Against Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Corruption Policy

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Code of Corporate Governance

The Code of Corporate Governance is a document that consolidates the practices and principles adopted by the Bank relating to aspects such as control and management, including how they are exercised, as well as corporate interests involving relationships between Shareholders, Board of Directors, Management, Audit and the Fiscal Council.
The document reflects the work carried out by BB over the past years, which resulted in important recognitions for the Bank, such as the recent certification as Reference in State Governance, awarded by B3 (Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão) and the Level I Governance Seal from the Coordinating Department of Governance for State-Owned Companies (Secretaria de Coordenação e Governança das Empresas Estatais – SEST), confirming BB’s compliance with the requirements established by the Law for State-Owned Companies.
The Corporate Governance Code is aimed at emphasizing to all stakeholders, especially investors, all the practices in which our management is committed to, in terms of Transparency, Accountability, Equity and Social & Environmental Responsibility principles that guide the Bank’s management.

Code of Corporate Governance

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Report on the Brazilian Code of Corporate Governance

The Report on the Brazilian Code of Corporate Governance became a requirement by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), in 2018, for publicly traded companies. It is based on the Code of Best Corporate Governance issued by IBGC (Brazilian Corporate Governance Institute), which is guided by the principles of Transparency, Equity, Accountability and Corporate Responsibility.
The Code’s structure uses the Apply or Explain model, which is internationally recognized as the most suitable model for governance codes. This model recognizes that governance practices should not be summarized as a rigid, standard model applied to companies in the same way, but rather it should provide companies with the freedom to adopt practices that are appropriate for their individual realities.
Although it is not required to, the Bank adopts practically all the principles and practices recommended by the Code, except for items which cannot be applied due to BB’s legal identity (mixed-ownership company) or regulations it is subject to. For these situations, all necessary explanations are provided in the Report.

Report about the Brazilian Code of Corporate Governance

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Integration Program to Members of the Board of Directors

Here are the Presetation of the Integration Program to Members of the Board of Directors of Banco do Brasil.

Integration Program to Members of the Board of Directors

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Privacy Policy

Banco do Brasil Privacy Policy

Only in Portuguese


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Policies are guidelines on behaviors that BB adopts in certain previously defined situations, delimiting the scope of action and portraying general behavioral pattern of perennial character. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to approve BB Policies, as defined in the Bylaws (article 21, item I).

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